Essena O'Neill's Video.


バイリンガルニュースで Essena O'Neill の事が取り上げられてた。








I've watched Essena O'Neill's video.

It reminds me of my old self.

Three or four years ago, I was just living on the SNS.
I thought the internet world was EVERYTHING.  I felt that I could connect to the people of the world. I was young.

I always wanted to take photos everywhere and every time.
I used to spend all my time uploading on the SNS.

I probably unconsciously wanted to get the social approval.

I wanted to check the SNS. At the same time, I didn't want it too.

I deleted the app but I still didn't stop checking the SNS.

Finally I gave up using the iPhone. I smashed it.

And now I don't want to use the SNS anymore.

I don't need the validation.

Now I have become free!

I have chosen to live my real life, and I want to feel real.


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